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Lee Enfield Shirley MFG

Lee Enfield #4mk1 1944 full restoration BSA Shirley mfg

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Lee Endfield Long Branch

Lee Enfield #4 mk1 Long Branch made in Canada blonde! Rare.

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Lee Enfield Fazakerly

Lee Enfield #4mk1 Fazakerly reconditioned Beech

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Lee Enfield Maltby

1943 Maltby Lee Enfield #4mk1 fully refurbished in walnut exellent condition

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The Restoration Process

The restoration process. All restoration rifles are fully disassembled, new wood fitted and oiled, action and barrel are checked for wear and defects most firing pin springs are replaced along with ejector and springs. bolts are re blued barrel interiors are polished. action and barrel are then fine glass beaded, and finished with a hard coat flat black paint, which can be made into a low gloss finish by applying a coat of oil and polishing with a soft cloth, barrel bands and fittings are hot oil treated , and then all parts are assembled and tested including head spacing! final checks are then performed and barrel interior lightly coated with oil.

Refurbished rifles go through the same mechanical process but usually retain the original wood as issued, all fittings barrel and action are checked for wear and any suspect parts are replaced.

Customer custom finishes can include original look as returned from ww2 no paint refurbish wood cleaned and oiled and all mechanical parts checked for worthiness!

Our main work falls around #4mk1 Lee Enfields especially Snipers #4mk1 (T) , but recently we have had #1mk3 wood made locally and can now restore or refurbish these models and many others such as P14 and P17. Any other rifles in need of restoration and or refurbishment please call, if we can find the parts we can restore or refurbish any rifle.

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